In addition to the operating divisions maintained by The Vision Council to address common interests among members, several committees govern the organization’s activities to be sure the needs of the members are carried out in all programs.

If you need access to your committee's information, please contact the relevant liaison.

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Emerging Optical Leaders Committee

The Emerging Optical Leaders Committee (EOL) was created to identify the next generation of optical industry leaders for The Vision Council. The committee is responsible for creating leadership development opportunities & fostering networking opportunities for emerging optical executives, in addition to sharing insights helpful to the strategic goals of The Vision Council. Criteria for committee membership includes:

  • 35 years of age or younger
  • Employment with a member company of The Vision Council in good standing
  • Nomination by a senior executive from member company

For more information, click hereFor the nomination form, click here.

Environmental Sustainability and Social Awareness Committee

The Environmental Sustainability and Social Awareness Committee was create to discuss and share the best practices on recycling initiatives, reducing waste, lowering carbon footprint, and circular manufacturing techniques.

For questions regarding this committee, please contact Michael Vitale at

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer/Secretary of the Board of Directors, is charged with the responsibility to oversee all fiscal activities of the organization on behalf of the Board.  The Committee manages the review of the annual operating budget and recommendation to the Board for approval, as well as review of the annual audit and recommendation to the Board for approval. Additionally, the Finance Committee annually reviews the long-term investment policies to include the allocation strategy and investment portfolio performance, and recommends changes as needed to the Board. The Committee typically conducts quarterly meetings to monitor the organization’s current year budget execution as well as the investment portfolio performance, and for the review and approval of other significant Association financial activities such as a change in office location and/or the addition of office space or change in the lease of office space.

For questions regarding the Finance Committee, please contact Brian Carroll at

Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee

The Vision Council's Government Affairs Committee and team of seasoned advocacy professionals in Washington, DC, are a leading voice on Capitol Hill, within key Federal Agencies, and in many State capitals on important issues impacting the field of vision care products. The Vision Council government affairs professionals work closely with federal and state policymakers to promote healthy vision and strengthen consumer access to vision care services and products.

Member companies serving on the The Vision Council’s Government Affairs Committee regularly travel to Capitol Hill to educate and deliver the organization’s public policy priorities directly to key federal decision makers and their staff. The Vision Council maintains a full-time legislative and regulatory staff in the nation’s capital and is actively engaged in all regulatory and legislative policymaking that may impact member companies and consumers.

For questions regarding the Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee, please contact Omar Elkhatib at

Market Research Committee

The Market Research Committee advises The Vision Council’s market research team in setting a research agenda. The committee provides subject matter expertise on industry-related research topics and reviews and provides input on early drafts of research reports.

For questions regarding this committee, please contact Alysse Henkel at

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing & Communications Committee is responsible for providing direction and oversight for the organization’s communications and marketing programs.  With staff, the committee helps to develop public relations, marketing, advertising and other strategies to communicate with The Vision Council members, the trade and consumer press, eye care providers and, ultimately, the general public.  The committee monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the various campaigns and makes recommendations for improvements and refinements throughout the year.

Each division of The Vision Council has delegates serving on the Marketing & Communications Committee as representatives of their division, and are responsible for providing information flow back to their respective divisions.  The committee typically holds one face-to-face meeting and several other meetings via conference call or webcasts with taskforces and working groups convened as needed.

For questions regarding the Marketing and Communications Committee, please contact Chelsea Pillsbury at

Nominating & Governance Committee

The Nominating & Governance Committee is Chaired by the Immediate Past Chair, comprised of the Division Chairs and up to three (3) Full Members as chosen by the Chairman of the Board of Directors who are experienced with the leadership and oversight of the organization, and are responsible for nominating candidates for open director and officer positions.  The Committee’s nominations are presented to the voting members to stand for election at each organization annual meeting.

For questions regarding the Nominating & Governance Committee, please contact Ashley Mills at

Program Committee

The Program Committee, in tandem with staff, is responsible for establishing the strategic direction, content, and execution of The Vision Council's annual member meeting, The Executive Summit. The Committee consists of Chief Executive Officers and senior management representatives of member companies and is appointed by the Chairman of the Board.

For questions regarding the Program Committee, please contact Nathan Troxell at

Show Committee

The Show Committee, in conjunction with Reed Exhibitions, is responsible for establishing and directing the long range strategic goals and objectives for the Vision Expo portfolio of shows, and institutes show policy and procedures. The Show Committee reports to The Vision Council Board of Directors through the executive committee, and provides recommendations to the Board on issues such as acquisitions, venue changes, and exhibit fees.

Each division of The Vision Council has delegates serving on the Show Committee representing the opinions of division members and providing information flow back to the division.  Show Committee member companies must participate in one Vision Expo each year. The Show Committee holds two face-to-face meetings and two additional meetings via conference call or webcasts per year, with task forces convened as needed.

For questions regarding the Show Committee, please contact Mitch Barkley at

Technical Committees

The standards process serves as a critical foundation for everyone in the optical community. The Vision Council has ten technical committees and task forces, maintained under either the Lens Division or the Lens Processing & Technology Division, which are charged with developing standards for ophthalmic optics. The committees are composed a group of experts who volunteer to write standards that pertain to lenses, frames and optical laboratories and discuss issues including frame manufacturing, standards for lens development and communication tools.

These standards address the safety and quality of our members' products, as well as help level the playing field between competing businesses, optical laboratories and lens and frame suppliers nationally and internationally. Some examples of the standards that have been written through the technical committees include the Data Communication Standard and the Country of Origin for Lenses Standard. The committees have also addressed important industry issues, such as the Lens Impact Resistance guidelines. Learn more about the committees and task forces that operate under the Lens Division, and those that operate under the Lens Processing & Technology Division. 

For questions regarding the Technical Committees, please contact Michael Vitale at