What is the VisionPAC?
The VisionPAC is a federal fund non-partisan political action committee (PAC) which supports congressmen in Washington who have a proven track record for supporting the agenda for vision care and vision care products. We raise funds from The Vision Council's members to help us support candidates that support our causes.

Why do we need a PAC?
PACs are a necessary part of doing business in Washington. Without the VisionPAC, we would not have the access and tools necessary to support congressmen that support our agenda and help them get reelected to help us continue our fight. The VisionPAC allows members to have a united and known voice with the congressmen as opposed to being an unknown donor on a list.

Many experts actually recommend PACs over personal donations as they better convey your issues in a timely and effective manner. When the VisionPAC makes a donation - they know it is for vision issues - when John Smith does, they don't. The PAC also allows The Vision Council to receive solicitations from telemarketers, fundraisers and the congressmen themselves, as opposed to them soliciting you.

While all of our supporters in Washington are personally vested in our issues and some never need our help getting re-elected, many do. The costs of running campaigns dictates that everyone needs to help candidates run for office. Therefore, we need to support candidates in this way to help them keep fighting for our issues in Congress.

Why can't you just use my dues? Why do you have to use and ask for personal money?
The Federal Election Commission and recent campaign finance reform laws such as McCain-Feingold, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, have been well-intentioned at ensuring that some negative practices were ended, but unfortunately have put a significant burden on the "regular donor." To ensure that donors are actually giving to a cause they personally care about, the laws now emphasize personal, and not corporate, dollars. Hence we must follow and raise personal funds for VisionPAC.

Your dues and corporate donations do help us with our vision care agenda in other ways, such as helping comply with the Federal Election Commission, but legally cannot be used for VisionPAC or donations to federal candidates.

If it is a personal contribution with my personal credit card and home address, why do you ask me for my company title and name?
The Federal Election Commission requires us to not only list the donors but list their companies as well. This is an attempt to create more transparency of why personal donors might give.

Why do you only ask members for money?
The Federal Election Commission has defined that each PAC has a "solicitable class." As members of the association or an attendee at one of The Vision Council's events, you fall into that solicitable class. It is your choice, however, to donate to the PAC and not a mandatory part of membership.

Why are my contributions not tax-deductible?
The PAC is not a non-profit trade association, even though The Vision Council is. The VisionPAC is a separate organization
with different rules, operations and funds. Therefore your donation is not deductible on your taxes.

How do I become a part of the solicitable class?
To become a part of the solicitable class, please complete the online Prior Authorization Form.

Or, you may download a printable version of the Prior Authorization form and fax it back to 703-548-4580.

If you would like to request a copy of the form, please contact Greg Chavez at or 703-740-1399.