Emerging Optical Leaders

The Emerging Optical Leaders (EOL) Committee exists to identify the next generation of optical industry leaders for The Vision Council. The committee is responsible for creating leadership development opportunities and fostering networking opportunities for emerging optical executives, in addition to sharing insights helpful to the strategic goals of The Vision Council.

To access the EOL Purpose and Vision document, click here.

This year, The Vision Council is offering full scholarships for free registration for the 2023 Executive Summit to ten new, first-time EOL members. These attendees must be nominated by their supervisor and/or a senior executive within their company. Nominations closed on November 18, 2022.

How to Join

If you are seeking an opportunity to expand your network within the industry, are eager to connect and learn, and are seeking to make an impact on the strength and success of The Vision Council, the Emerging Optical Leaders committee is for you.

The EOL Committee accepts nominations for new members on a yearly basis. Members of the EOL Committee must be nominated by a senior executive of their company. The Vision Council encourages members to nominate eligible candidates or to express your interest to colleagues at your company if you’d like to be nominated. To nominate an individual from your company, fill out the form here.

Criteria for nomination includes:

  • 35 years of age or younger
  • Actively employed with a member company of The Vision Council in good standing
  • Nominated by a senior executive of member company

Once confirmed, all members are asked to fill out the EOL Membership Agreement.

Core Focus of the EOL

The EOL Committee and its members focus their efforts into three primary functions, dubbed the “Three Core Pillars.” As a member of the EOL Committee, you can select and contribute to the pillar aligned with your unique abilities, interests, and experiences.

Click here to view EOL Committee Membership Requirements.

Engagement & Participation

Fueling the EOL Committee’s networking, the engagement and participation pillar works to build the community among the EOL members. This pillar is responsible for the recruitment, onboarding and participation of committee members.

Continuous Development

The continuous development pillar focuses on creating and executing leadership and development opportunities or events for members of the EOL committee. Past initiatives have included private workshops with keynote speakers at The Vision Council’s events, panel-style fireside chats with prominent industry leaders, leadership training sessions at The Vision Council’s Executive Summit and the EOL mentorship program.

Contribution to The Vision Council

The Vision Council leans on the EOL Committee for insight and feedback into strategic direction and challenges as up-and-coming industry leaders. This pillar is responsible for consulting and supporting various committees within The Vision Council.

EOL Events & Opportunities

Participation consists of in-person meetings, networking events and supporting one of the Three Core Pillars throughout the year. As a member of the EOL Committee, EOLs are asked to attend two of three EOL Committee meetings at minimum. The meetings will take place at either Executive Summit, Vision Expo East, or Vision Expo West. Throughout the year, EOLs will also be invited to attend networking events both in-person and virtually.

2022 Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is one of the cornerstone initiatives of the EOL Committee. Each year, EOL members sign up to learn from the experiences of other members of The Vision Council to grow personally and professionally.

The time commitment to participate in the Mentorship Program is less than two hours each month.

The 2022 EOL Mentorship Program kicked off on Thursday, February 3 at 2 p.m. EST with a virtual meeting. The meeting featured an overview of this year’s program and an update on mentee and mentor resources. Additionally, pairs were introduced during the meeting. If you would like a recording of the meeting, please contact Julia Moore, Membership Communications Manager, at jmoore@thevisioncouncil.org

To download the Mentee Workbook, click here.

To download the Mentor Workbook, click here.

Click here for a list of this year’s participants.

Please direct all questions to kristen.hopper@vsp.com

EOL Steering Committee

The EOL Committee is led by a steering committee, which ensures the viability and alignment of the EOL Committee with The Vision Council.

2021-2022 Steering Committee includes:

  • Mike Daley- Chair
  • Tyler Payne - Membership
  • Aaron Liener - Advocacy
  • Kristen Hopper - Professional Development