EPIC – The Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog


The Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog (EPIC) is the industry-standard guide to the identifying marks engraved on progressive addition lenses. Now available for the first time in an online format, the catalog was previously available for order in hard copy and PDF only.

The latest edition contains graphics for more than 350 lens designs distributed in the United States and Canada, showing the markings that identify the lens supplier, lens name, lens material, filters and corridor lengths. Diagrams include the relative position of the fitting cross as well as the lens suppliers recommended minimum fitting height. The catalog also contains several indexes, listing the lenses according to identifying symbols, lens supplier name, minimum recommended height, lens name, extended range of add power and custom progressive designs.

To visit EPIC, click here. For additional information, contact Michael Vitale at mvitale@thevisioncouncil.org.