Working with domestic U.S. and international agencies, The Vision Council members and their volunteer experts have produced or contributed to multiple standards and communications to assist the industry in serving the eyeglass wearing public. Traveling the nation and the globe, member company interests are managed at many different levels and with various technical groups.

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Public and Members Only Standards Documents

The Vision Council has compiled a variety of standards and important technical documents. Click on the link below for the complete list of available documents. Please note that some are available to members only.

Questions or comments? Please contact Michael Vitale, Vice President; Membership, Government Relations & Technical Affairs, at

Discussion Forums for Technical Committees

The Vision Council has developed online discussion forums for members of our technical committees. These forums, located at, were developed following the Data Communications Standard Q&A website, launched in 2016, and contain many improvements and new features that were requested by committee members. The forums include both the Data Communications Standard Committee and the Lens Product Description Standard Committee, and are expected to grow as needs arise.

These new forums provide a global resource to companies and developers implementing the Data Communications Standard and Lens Product Description Standard, and will provide a central repository of knowledge as well as a means of communicating directly with committee members.

Should you have any questions, please contact Michael Vitale, Vice President, Membership & Technical Affairs at

In 2008, the Vision Council of America (VCA) became The Vision Council. Materials and resources predating May, 2008, may refer to VCA, OMA, or other organizations that have become associated with The Vision Council.