Politics is not a spectator sport. Every day, decisions made in Washington, DC, have a tremendous impact on the success of our individual businesses, our industry as a whole and the eye health of Americans. To help influence these decisions, The Vision Council operates VisionPAC, a federal fund non-partisan political action committee (PAC) which supports congressmen who have a proven track record for supporting the agenda for vision care and vision care products. By donating to VisionPAC, members play an important part in the continued protection of our industry's interests from potentially harmful pieces of legislation and regulations that can cause harm to the way our industry does business.

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VisionPAC is fully funded by the personal donations of The Vision Council's membership. Our success is reflective of the support of member companies and their employees who understand that VisionPAC has advocated for the interests of our industry.

We have been involved in numerous issues, including:

  • Increasing access to and reimbursement for vision care products and services within the health care reform process
  • Fighting to exempt a majority of The Vision Council members' products from a crippling medical device tax included in the new health care reform law
  • Protecting vision care products from proposed changes to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • Fighting harmful trade regulations and subsequently shielding our members' products from being stalled in ports of entry

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Greg Chavez at