Rimless Frame Drill Mount Standard

Download the Rimless Frame Drill Mount Standard


The Rimless Frame Drill Mount Standard version 1.0, establishes a file format and data requirements for the distribution of information needed to mount lenses. The standard is intended to enable frame manufacturers to prepare and disseminate the data needed to drill and process lenses for three-piece frames.

Frame suppliers are encouraged to build a collection of files for all of their products and distribute these files to customers or third parties. The files could be made available on the frame suppliers website, distributed via email, CDROM, or bundled into a database product. When drilling is done manually, these files can be used with programs that provide screen display or printed drill data.

The Rimless Frame Drill Mount Standard is a subset of the The Vision Council's Data Communication Standard, (DCS). The DCS provides file format and communication protocol for the data needed by virtually all lens processing machines and drill data for automated drilling of three-piece frames. It includes a reference to the communication protocol used to move data between machines and computers in the lab environment and a number of data records needed for unrelated machines such as surface generators.

The Rimless Drill Mount Standard for ophthalmic frames was developed by The Vision Council's Lens Processing Technology Division.