The Vision Council Releases Focused inSights 2022: Digital Habits

Alexandria, VA – Nov. 4, 2022 – The Vision Council has released Focused inSights 2022: Digital Habits. The survey asked respondents how they use digital devices, if they were affected by digital eyestrain, their online purchasing habits, their social media use, and their experience with telehealth for eyecare. The poll was conducted by The Vision Council in August 2022 among a sample of 3,102 U.S. adults.

The report is available in The Vision Council’s Research Download Center as a complimentary download for members of The Vision Council and a paid report for non-members. In addition to complimentary access to the report, members of The Vision Council also have access to a complimentary one-page summary of the report.

“The survey results show that American adults spend a significant amount of time using digital devices, with 80 percent reporting some symptoms of digital eyestrain,” said Alysse Henkel, the senior director of market research and analytics at The Vision Council. “Nearly all respondents had made an online purchase, with convenience being the driving factor as to why they shop online. Two-thirds of American adults have purchased something online in the past week. And when it comes to shopping online for eyewear, more than half of consumers have purchased eyewear online at least once. Furthermore, online eyewear shoppers are satisfied with their purchase, with 90 percent saying they would buy eyewear online again.”

More about the inSights Research Program

The Vision Council launched its new inSights Research Program in May 2022. Built on a foundation of rigorous methodology and cutting-edge technology, the inSights Research Program provides a comprehensive perspective on the state of the optical industry through quarterly consumer survey reportsquarterly in-depth special reports on eyewear and eyecare products and topics; and an end-of-year market estimate and industry forecast.

Focused inSights 2022: Digital Habits is the third of The Vision Council’s Focused inSights reports to be released in 2022, following the Sunglass Snapshot and Consumer Choices report. Focused inSights reports are in-depth special interest reports on rotating topics.

For more information on the program, including an overview of the new report categories and release timing, click here.