Industry research and data analysis are critical to running a successful business. From consumer opinions to international trade figures, The Vision Council's research programs offer a unique view on the optical industry. We offer many detailed research reports for free to our members, and provide additional, drilled-down information to members and non-members alike for a fraction of the cost of other research providers.

Click here to download our guide on 'How to Read The Vision Council's VisionWatch Reports'.

Restatement Update

For information on the restated VisionWatch data, please listen to The Vision Council's informational session, which were held on July 10, 2019. The full conversations can be found here. (will open Webex link, use password VisionWatch1 to gain access)

Research Store

The Vision Council hosts an online Research Store for easy, secure access to the entire body of The Vision Council's VisionWatch market research reports as well as its suite of special interest and eyecare professional reports, and more. To browse the research store and download reports, click here.

Download research reports

Free Market Research Reports for Members

Members of The Vision Council enjoy optical industry statistics and reports from the most comprehensive consumer and trade research program in the U.S. - for free. Our most popular "members only" reports include:

  • VisionWatch Market Analysis Reports
  • Consumer Barometer
  • Shipments Reports
  • International Optical Trade Analysis (IOTA)
  • Benchmarking

Paid Research Programs

The Vision Council's paid research programs provide a deeper look into the competitive landscape and/or top distributors of eyewear in the U.S. The pricing for each report is for an annual subscription to the information, meaning four total reports for the year, distributed and recalculated every quarter. Reports include:

  • Sunglass Standard Report
  • Lenses Standard Report
  • Refractive Lens Standard Report
  • Contact Lens Standard Report
  • Frames Standard Report
  • Readers Standard Report
  • Consumer Barometer
  • Managed Vision Care and Behavior Report
  • Custom Research

Interactive VisionWatch Market Research Dashboard

As part of its comprehensive market research offerings, The Vision Council now offers an interactive VisionWatch Market Research Dashboard, a market research and benchmarking tool for tracking and exploring drivers of ophthalmic market performance.

Powered by VisionWatch data – The Vision Council's 15-year running study of the U.S. ophthalmic market – the dashboard lets you open up key VisionWatch data for deeper dives into industry trends and benchmarks, and producing the answers needed to make informed business decisions – available on-demand at any time. Click here to learn more and request a demo.


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