Lens Trends and Technology

Lens Trends and Technology

The Vision Council’s campaign to educate consumers about the variety of lens options and available treatments has grown to include the effects of digital screens and devices on eye health. Public relations, special events and consumer media reports are used to generate awareness and drive purchase intent.

Digital Eye Strain

The Vision Council works to educate consumers about digital eye strain and the eyewear and lens treatment options available to help alleviate symptoms associated with device usage, glare and other related stressors.

Digital eye strain, a term coined by The Vision Council after extensive research, refers to the eye fatigue that has become increasingly prevalent with the wide spread use of digital devices. In keeping up with the concern for this stress and fatigue as well as other symptoms experienced by the general consumer - usually after two or more hours of digital device use – The Vision Council works to educate consumers and members of the press about the impact of digital device use on vision health and the benefits of the latest lens technologies.

2018 South by Southwest Presence

For the second consecutive year, The Vision Council sponsored the official health lounge at South by Southwest (SXSW) – titled The T-Eye-me Out Lounge: Give Your Eyes a Break with The Vision Council – educating conference-goers and attending media about digital eye strain, its reported symptoms and the lens solutions available. The lounge attracted nearly 3,000 visitors March 9-13, and The Vision Council secured more than 147.9 million media impressions as a result of outreach surrounding the lounge and related messaging.

Key highlights from SXSW include:

  • The Vision Council secured two broadcast segments with optometrist and medical adviser Dr. Justin Bazan on CBS “We Are Austin” and FOX “Good Day Austin” – both local Austin morning lifestyle/news shows – sharing related messaging, featuring member product, and encouraging viewers to have an annual eye exam and visit ThinkAboutYourEyes.com to access the doctor locator. Collectively, these segments with corresponding online and social media promotions resulted in 831,432 impressions.
  • The Vision Council partnered with renowned fashion blog Man Repeller for an Instagram post featuring top-level messaging and member product. The Man Repeller Instagram page reaches 1.9 million followers.
  • The Vision Council partnered with renowned DJ and influencer Brandi Cyrus – also sister to Miley Cyrus – to visit and cover the lounge, along with top-level messaging and member product, via Instagram. Brandi’s post is available here. Brandi receives 939,000 followers, and the post itself has received 9,897 likes and 91 comments as of March 21.
  • The Vision Council partnered with additional influencers during the conference for sponsored Instagram and blog posts. Collectively, this coverage resulted in 5,314,632 impressions.

To illustrate the messaging, The Vision Council had glasses outfitted with traditional lenses featuring anti-reflective and blue light-filtering treatments from members Essilor, Eyezen, VisionEase, HOYA, ZEISS, VSP, Nikon, BluTech and GUNNAR, as well as CooperVision’s Biofinity Energys contact lenses, on display in the lounge.

Media Placements

TechCrunch Features Digital Eye Strain-Focused Content

The Vision Council partnered with TechCrunch – a leading technology online news outlet – for sponsored spotlight on its website, as well as an Instagram post, promoting top-level digital eye strain messaging.

The sponsored spotlight was listed as the no. 4 piece on the TechCrunch.com homepage – which reaches more than 12.5 million unique visitors per month – on Jan. 18. The spotlight, titled "Technology May Make Our Lives Easier, But It Isn't Necessarily Easy On The Eyes," shares a notable statistic from The Vision Council's digital eye strain VisionWatch survey and the reported symptoms of digital eye strain, teasing to a full article available on TheVisionCouncil.org

The sponsored Instagram post with a caption sharing complementary messaging went live the same day, continuing to run through Jan. 31, to select targeted audiences. The post is slated to reach approximately 25,000-150,000 users per day, with a total potential reach of 84 million.

Please see below for screenshots of the placements.


'Daytime' Highlights Digital Eye Strain Trips & Trends for the New Year

The Vision Council secured a digital eye strain-focused segment on "Daytime" – a nationally syndicated lifestyle and entertainment show – that aired Jan. 9th on 224 stations with a combined estimated reach of more than 97.1 million viewers. View a video clip of the segment below.

With Jan. 9th being the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show, lifestyle expert Stefaney Rants let viewers know that although the newly released digital devices may improve their lifestyles, they may not necessarily be healthy for their vision, with more than 60 percent of individuals reporting experiencing symptoms of what The Vision Council refers to as digital eye strain.

Furthermore, Stefaney explained digital eye strain and its potential symptoms, ultimately recommending individuals have an annual eye exam with an eyecare provider to not only have their eyes checked, but to also discuss their potential digital device usage and symptoms, and the eyewear and lens solutions available.

Stefaney highlighted traditional lenses to combat digital eye strain – as illustrated by Lens Division members VisionEase, Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss – with anti-reflective treatments and blue light-filtering capabilities, which can be incorporated into almost any pair of frames, so individuals don't have to sacrifice style for function. She showcased frames from Eyewear & Accessories Division members ClearVision Optical, De Rigo REM, WestGroupe and Marchon Eyewear, as well as Sunglass & Reader Division members TOMS Eyewear, FGX International, GUNNAR and Costa. For those who prefer contact lenses, Stefaney mentioned the Biofinity Energys from Lens Division member CooperVision as an option. Viewers were directed to thevisioncouncil.org/des for more information.

'TODAY' Show Talks All Things Digital Eye Strain

The Vision Council secured a digital eye strain-focused segment on NBC's "TODAY," a nationally syndicated morning show with an estimated viewership of 4,228,604, which aired this morning, Aug. 31. NBC medical news contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar educated viewers on the symptoms of and solutions to combat digital eye strain, highlighting key stats from The Vision Council's VisionWatch survey unveiling insight on Americans' screen habits and the effects, as well as other sourced information.

In the segment – which is also available on today.com, which garners 23,917,371 unique visitors per month – Dr. Azar presented the following four tips to help children and adults alleviate the effects of digital eye strain:

  1. Despite their age, individuals should visit a local eyecare provider for an annual eye exam to discuss the state of their eye health, their symptoms and their digital device usage;
  2. By adjusting their digital habits – for example, keeping screens at arm's length away from the eyes and increasing the font size on screens – individuals can ensure they're using their devices more effectively;
  3. Taking frequent breaks from using digital devices allows the eyes to rest throughout the day, and consciously remembering to blink more helps keep the eyes moist;
  4. Talking to an eyecare provider is key to getting in the know about the eyewear and lens options available to help relieve digital eye strain symptoms.

View a video clip of the segment below.

2017 Satellite Media Tour

On behalf of The Vision Council, optometrist and medical adviser Dr. Justin Bazan and style expert Jenn Falik conducted a series of TV and radio broadcast interviews in April focusing on digital eye strain, its effects on the eyes and overall body, and the lens, frame and contact lens solutions available to alleviate its symptoms.

Resulting in nearly 30 live and live-to-tape radio and TV interviews, as well as an Audio News Release, the series has garnered over 13 million impressions thus far, reaching top outlets including NBC "Daytime," "I Heart Unplugged and Totally Uncut," FOX "Good Day Illinois Marketplace" and CBS "We Are Austin," among many others. In coming weeks, more segments will continue to air, and results will be shared with The Vision Council's membership. In the meantime, please see below to view a clip from the national "Daytime" segment.

During the interviews, Dr. Bazan delved into what digital eye strain is, its impact on both adults and children, and the traditional and contact lens solutions available to consumers from the following members of The Vision Council's Lens Division: VisionEase/HOYA, Zeiss Optics, Eyezen/Essilor Group and CooperVision.

Meanwhile, Jenn spread the message that traditional lenses outfitted with digital eye strain reducing capabilities can be incorporated into almost any pair of frames, so individuals – regardless of age – don't have to sacrifice style for function, highlighting eyeglasses from the following members of The Vision Council's Eyewear & Accessories and Sunglass & Reader Divisions: Modo Eyewear, Match Eyewear, ClearVision Optical, WestGroupe, GUNNAR and FGX International.

Both Dr. Bazan and Jenn encouraged viewers to visit a local eyecare provider for an annual eye exam to not only have their eyes checked, but to also discuss their digital device usage and determine the best solution for their unique vision needs. Additionally, they directed viewers to thevisioncouncil.org/des for further information.