The Vision Council's Sunglass & Reader Division Honors Bruce Bartley

The Vision Council's Sunglass & Reader Division Honors Bruce Bartley


The Vision Council announced today that Bruce Bartley will be honored by the Sunglass & Reader Division for his lifelong commitment and contributions to the optical industry. The award will be presented at the Sunglass & Reader Division Reception on Friday, March 16, at the INK48 Hotel Press Lounge in New York, NY.

Bruce began his career in the eyewear business in 1977 with Renauld Sunglasses, a division of Foster Grant. He continued his work at Bonneau Sunglasses and Riviera Sunglasses before a twenty-two-year tenure at Roberts Sunglasses, which later became Lantis Eyewear.

Bruce spent the last ten years as President of Icon Eyewear, a privately held sunglass and reader company. Bruce was an active member of the Sunglass Association of America (SAA), then the Sunglass and Reader Division of The Vision Council, for more than 25 years. He retired in Kennebunkport, Maine, in April of 2017 with his wife, Linda, after over 40 years in the eyewear business.

The Vision Council’s Sunglass & Reader Division, composed of companies worldwide that manufacture and/or import and distribute sunglasses and magnifying reading glasses and related optical accessories, specializes primarily in the non-prescription, over-the-counter segments of the optical industry.

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