Reopening Guidance: Sanitization Summary


Product and Package Sanitization Methods

At the request of members as well as the industry at large, The Vision Council has created a compilation of information regarding best sanitization methods for products and packages. The summary includes information regarding:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Steps for cleaning products
  • Operating assumptions for handling shipments

Click here to read "Sanitization Operating Assumptions".

As all frames are made of varying types of materials and can therefore require unique cleaning measures, The Vision Council has gathered links to various manufacturers' sanitization and disinfection guides for members to refer to. To view the guides, click here.

The Vision Council's technical teams and dedicated liaisons will continue to gather information regarding best sanitization methods and other guidelines to help members as they prepare to reopen to serve their customers and patients.

For members who would like to submit their own guidelines to be published on The Vision Council website, please email Maureen Beddis at

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