New Technical Forums Now Available


The Vision Council is pleased to announce the launch of new online discussion forums for members of our technical committees.

This new resource was developed following the Data Communications Standard Q&A website, launched in 2016, and contains many improvements and new features that were requested by committee members. The forums will replace the Q&A format website, and has been expanded to include both the Data Communications Standard Committee and the Lens Product Description Standard Committee.

These new forums provide a global resource to companies and developers implementing the Data Communications Standard and Lens Product Description Standard, and will provide a central repository of knowledge as well as a means of communicating directly with committee members.

Note: Because the new website is hosted on a different platform, it will require users to register a new account before posting. We apologize for this unavoidable inconvenience.

If you have any difficulties registering, or any questions regarding the new website, please contact Paul Wade at, or Michael Vitale at

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