A Message from Keith Cross, Chairman of The Vision Council's Lens Division

Dear Lens Division Members –

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself – my name is Keith Cross, with PPG, and I am the new Chairman of the Lens Division, assuming the role from Karen Roberts whose term expired at the recent Executive Summit. I also served as her Vice Chair for the past three years.

I would like to thank Karen for all the effort and hard work she gave to the Lens Division over the past three years – she has set the bar high.

With that, I would also like to introduce Catherine Rauscher, with Transitions Optical, who is now the Vice Chair of the Lens Division. Catherine is a long-time member of Transitions Optical’s management team and currently Global Director of Business Innovation. Catherine is a member of The Vision Council’s Marketing and Communications Committee and sits on the Board of Directors as a member-at-large. She will play a key part of the leadership of the division as well, and I am truly excited to work with her. My term as the Chairman will continue for the next 3 years.

My primary goal as your Chairman will be to foster a high level of engagement between you, the members, and the division leadership as well as The Vision Council leadership as a whole. In order to do that, I am asking you to get involved: join a committee, add your thoughts and ideas to agendas and get involved as much as you want/can. We need you, your ideas and your passion to continue all the good work being done. We’d like to be sure that your voices are heard and that you feel engaged in the division and our efforts over the coming years.

I encourage you to reach out to Michael Vitale, The Vision Council’s Lens Division Liaison, as well as myself and Catherine, with any ideas and input you may have as to how best we can continue to serve you and our members. It is you, the membership of the division, that we serve, and my goal is to be sure that we are listening to you and working on projects and goals that benefit us all as members.

Again, if you would like to serve on a committee, bring an idea forward, have an update or project you’d like to discuss – we are all ears!

Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve our division – I am excited to partner with Cathy over the coming 3 years as well as work with Michael to continue pushing the Lens Division’s mission forward.

Thank you,

Keith Cross, Lens Division Chair
Catherine Rauscher, Lens Division Vice Chair

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