LPT Advertising Campaign Shifts Focus to Vision Expo West

LPT Advertising Campaign Shifts Focus to Vision Expo West


The Vision Council LPT Division’s industry-focused advertising campaign designed to drive eyecare providers, manufacturers, optical labs and the industry at large to contact LPT Division member companies switches gears this week.  Beginning late June, all print and electronic ads will be updated to included information about Vision Expo West.  Ads will continue to direct recipients to the LPT campaign website which has been updated with Vision Expo West language and the booth numbers for exhibiting members.  

The campaign continues to encourage audiences to invest in the latest lens processing software and equipment to make an exponential difference in their bottom line, identifying cost and time savings while preparing their business for the future of the eyewear industry. Later in the year, the campaign will also direct these audiences to take advantage of year-end tax incentives on lens processing equipment.

Please look for the new print ads in publications such as Eyecare Business and Review of Optometry. Digital ads will appear on the 20/20 website and digital edition as well as the Review of Optometry website, and email campaigns will utilize paid outreach through Eyefind, Vision Care Product News, 20/20, Eyecare Business, LabTalk, and Vision Expo’s Vision Voice.

Click here to view a full schedule of print promotions and to see some of the campaign advertisements. For more information, contact the LPT Division Liaison Paul Wade at pwade@thevisioncouncil.org.

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