Country of Origin

Download the Country of Origin Marking Rules for Frames (updated 2016)


United States Customs laws require that all goods produced outside of the U.S. are marked with information concerning the country where the item was produced. The application of country of origin marking rules can be complicated if a frame or a frame's components are produced in several countries. Understanding the marking rules for each importing situation is critical because failure to comply can result in delays, impounding and possible civil and/or criminal penalties.

The Country of Origin Marking Rules for Imported Frames and Lenses contains published Customs cases, general rules and examples to assist optical importers in developing procedures for the proper marking of optical products. The compendium includes:

  • Marking requirements
  • Exceptions to the marking rules
  • Specific marking rules for frames and lenses
    • Manufacturing and shipping procedures for frame components
    • Coloring
    • Lens insertion
    • Use of "Hong Kong" as the Country Of Origin
    • Marking methods
  • Sanctions For violation of Country Of Origin marking rules
    • Criminal penalties
    • Duty assessments
    • Civil penalties
    • Seizure and forfeiture and redelivery
  • Requirement To Use Reasonable Care

The United States Customs Country of Origin Marking Rules for Imported Frames and Lenses was developed by The Vision Council’s Eyewear & Accessories Division Country of Origin Task Force and prepared by James E. Anderson, Legal Counsel for The Vision Council.