Your child's healthy vision does not just affect his or her quality of life but it is also vitally important in his or her development – from infancy through the school-age years. However, according to Think About Your Eyes, 24 percent of parents wait for their children to have symptoms before taking them to an eyecare provider, which can be problematic because kids don't understand what "normal" vision entails.

The right time to teach your child how to establish healthy eye care habits that last a lifetime is now. Even more important than helping him or her learn about caring for the eyes is recognizing and correcting any vision problems that may be starting or that have gone undiagnosed. Schedule an annual eye exam for your little one with your eyecare provider to start the conversation about their individual eyecare needs.

While you're there, involve your child in the process of choosing a new pair of glasses – the more they like and feel comfortable in their frames, the more likely they are to wear them on a regular basis. Plus, there's lots of on-trend styles available that'll keep your youngster feeling confidently cool, while protecting their eyes. Visit to learn more about the eyewear trends

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